Inaugural Blog April 2022


Greetings and thank you all for visiting!


We have been meeting and satisfying clients from coast to coast in the US and around the world the last four years we're very excited to launch our first website in April 2022


Welcome to the inaugural blog


Our blog on this website will be updated several times a month, the updates will include new products in person appearances at NPC, IFBB events and various fitness expos.  Brent’s Bling will be hosting Facebook Live jewelry shows throughout the year


On Saturday April 23, 2022 Brent’s Bling will appear in person at the MMVANPC Virginia Classic

At Gar-Field High School in Woodbridge, VA for more info visit


On Saturday April 30, 2022 Brent’s Bling will appear in person at the Warrior Classic NPC & IFBB event at the Dominion Energy Center Carpenter Theater in Richmond, VA.  For more info visit or


We will also have exciting updates on our YouTube channel, Instagram page, Tick Tok, Twitter and Facebook pages.  We have links to all of these platforms located on the thumbnails on our site


We have value added features within Brents Bling; first is the creative ability of Michelle to customize many of the products offered on our site.  Second during in person visits at events we will have complimentary posing and presentation tips by Michelle who is an award winning competitor in professional (IFBB) women's bodybuilding who's been recognized and awarded for her outstanding posing.  Third during our in person visits we have been known to provide fitness and diet tips as well. 


Take a look at some of our exciting jewelry products at one of our recent events at The Shop Gym in Ashburn, VA


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