Brent's Bling met new clients to help them create their own customized jewelry

This last month went live for the first time!

Brent's Bling would like to extend thanks and gratitude every body for visiting our exhibits and online!

We have added products weekly and will continue to add new jewelry in each category.  In May will be adding items to the clearance section.  

Brent's Bling appeared live at two events last month: first was the Virginia Classic in Woodbridge, VA and the Warrior Classic in Richmond, VA.  The photo with this blog is from the Warrior Classic.  Upcoming blogs will have content from each show.  Also the YouTube channel was updated today and there will be several more videos added in May from those events.  The second photo with this blog shows are logo electronically displayed on stage!  

On May 21, 2022 IFBB pro bodybuilder Michelle, my lovely wife and jewelry creator will be competing at the New York Pro event.  I will be a spectator and supporting her in her competition.  I will be proudly wearing our jewelry.  Keep your eyes open we may have a show special.  We ran our first Mother's Day special which ends on Monday, May 9, 2022.  Please take a moment and sign up for our newsletter for free shipping.

Best Wishes to all!

Brent's Bling

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